Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Good and Faithful Servant Day

Ever battle the to-do list bulge? I know I do. But there are times when the normal to-do list needs to take a backseat to life. Today,  I realized just how much this applied. The list, sporting a hefty number of need-to-tackle items on it, got distracted today. Prayers were sent and prayers were answered. Time was made for people instead of things, and that is a significant part of living abundantly. Let me give some examples...

My list said, Run 2 Miles with Toby (the dog), but God gave me "Walk 1 mile and meet and encourage a new neighbor." And I am ok with that.

My list said, "Wash the dishes in the sink," but God gave me "Spend time with Jesus and soak up God's word." A precious moment with Jesus that refuels my heart...I am definitely ok with that.

My list said "Clean out Facebook inbox," but God brought me to  "Chat a dear friend who is conflicted and struggling with a broken relationship, then share the verses we were just talking about." And I am so thankful for that.

My list said, "Clean all the tile floors," but life gave me, "Get back to blogging and sharing life......the floors will still be dirty later."  And I am blessed to oblige.

You see, my revelation this morning was not that To-Do lists don't matter. Oh, I'll still wash that sinkfull of dishes and fold the contents of the never-ending-laundry-basket. But if I had been so staunch in fullfilling my list, I would have missed out on some special opportunties to bless and be blessed this morning. And at the end of my day, I will take a "Well done good and faithful servant" over a checked off post it note anytime.  Wouldn't you? It is why God has put me where I am. So I can be useful in building His kingdom. Make it a Good-And-Faithful-Servant Day.

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